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Donations to BtWG are used to fund the following programs.


PROGRAM 1 – YOUTH TRUST ACCOUNTS (living transfers)

BtWG creates custodial accounts for deserving children from low-asset and low-income households.  Periodic deposits of appreciable assets (stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, etc.) are made into each account.  Deposits continue as long as children achieve “agreed upon” life, civic and social milestones and until the age of majority.


PROGRAM 2 – LEGACY WEALTH INSURANCE (posthumous transfers)

BtWG helps families create sustainable legacies of wealth via Sequential Life Insurance Trusts.  Wealth is created through life insurance and passed on via instructions embedded within the trusts.  Each generation uses life insurance proceeds and the discipline within trusts to build exponential wealth for the next generation.


BtWG augments all programs with networking, coaching, and education. Program participants learn how to create wealth for future generations and how to embrace wealth-friendly behaviors.